Some Articles that Caught my Eye this Morning 4/7/2019


Someone once asked me, “How do you reconcile your beliefs with science?” “Simple”, I said: “God created the world (universe) and science is trying to discover what He did.” This article is a summation of all the secular explanations of how the world began. None of them mention God. None hold water.

These suggestions for the last two weeks of lent are just as important year-round. They are easy to do even if they are hard to remember day to day.

Another expose of Pope Francis’ inner circle.

Nancy Pelosi is once again putting a bill through the House that will have wide ramifications.

In stark contrast, the Vatican has a commission meeting to safeguard children. How does the Pelosi bill safeguard children? And how will the Catholic Church respond to the bill? Will this commission even discuss it?

Playing God? Human Genome scientists are playing around with embryos out of sight from the world’s view. Combining rats and humans? Combining pigs and humans? You’ve got to be kidding? Right? Wrong. Read it and weep.