Comments on Today’s Catholic News May 16, 2019

Comments on Today’s Catholic News May 16, 2019

Canada has a Charter of Freedoms just as the US has a Bill of Rights. Both countries guarantee the right of citizens to practice their religion. Unless, of course, it conflicts with liberal policies and beliefs. Canada has now become an official bully. Trampling on the rights and freedoms of health care practitioners. What boggles my mind is the bland assumption that:

1) everyone must obey laws that are in direct contradiction to Christian beliefs. or else

2) that there is no one else who would be pleased to kill the unborn or the vulnerable, or that only Christian believers staff Canada’s hospitals

When did Canada become a totalitarian government?

Ireland, a once most Catholic country, is now giving women the legal right to flush their babies down the toilet. Will the Irish government next decide that the remains of people killed by euthanasia can be put in a composter?

Abortion is a surgical procedure called Dilatation & Curettage. It is the same medical procedure used to remove uterine polyps. When any state says that it is not necessary for a physician to perform a D&C, it opens up other surgical procedures that can be performed without a medical license of any kind. The potential ramifications of this law are horrendous. Do lawmakers ever think of the possible consequences of their legal decisions before they pontificate?  

Dismemberment abortions are the most gruesome procedures anyone can think of as a way of killing a baby. Yet American Democrats don’t seem to see it this way. What is it that makes them so intentionally blind to the sufferings of the unborn?

It’s good to know that anti-Islam feelings are a product of politics and not religion. The article does not say, however, how much of the attitudes toward American Muslims is created by the mainstream media. It does say that knowing a Muslim personally creates a more positive attitude. Another area the study ignores, is the degree to which respondents know anything about Islam as a religion or Islamic teachings. Does ignorance of Islamic teaching create a more positive or more negative view? The article does not say.

Both Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa would have gone to Medjugorje if they could do so “privately” (out of media glare). That has always been good enough for me. I went to Medjugorje just before the Bosnian war. Almost no pilgrims were there as the visionaries had been evacuated for their safety. I found the entire town imbued with a prayerful atmosphere. You could pray anywhere and not be seen as odd. Climbing up the hill of apparitions was awesome, falling down the hill was not.

Pope Francis has belittled Medjugorje in his offhand remarks. Now he has lifted the ban on these pilgrimages. Is Our Lady winning? She is certainly persistent.

Pecknold reviews Bishop Baron’s new book – a pastoral letter confronting the sexual abuse crises in the Church. The implication is that this is all part of a diabolical plan. Perhaps this is why Our Lady has continued to appear at Medjugorje – she is the only defense we have against Satan.