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The “Little Way” of Saint Therese

The “Little Way” of Saint Therese

I was in high school when I first read The Story of a Soul. I was unimpressed. I was more interested in saints who did great deeds of valor. Therese, on the other hand, did small, mundane, everyday things. Things no one would notice or comment about. She was simply behaving in a quiet, unassuming,...


Who can I Kill Today?

The rules keep changing. When I was growing up. There were only two classes of people that could be killed legally – convicted felons on death row and enemies during a war. Today it is very confusing. The rules keep changing. It is now legal to kill an unborn baby but you can’t kill a...

Low Carbohydrate Diet

Uncontrolled Type II Diabetes

Whenever I hear about someone having “uncontrollable Type II diabetes” I wonder what they have been eating. And I wonder what their physician has told them to eat or their diabetic dietician. I had two brothers who had Type II diabetes and was appalled at the information they received on their diets and the food...


The Question of Mary

Christian beliefs about Jesus’ mother Mary differ. I was watching an episode of The Journey Home last night. This is a program that interviews people who have converted to the Catholic faith exploring their journey. This particular program featured a former Evangelical pastor from the Holiness church. The question arose, as it usually does with...

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