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Who can I Kill Today?

The rules keep changing. When I was growing up. There were only two classes of people that could be killed legally – convicted felons on death row and enemies during a war. Today it is very confusing. The rules keep changing. It is now legal to kill an unborn baby but you can’t kill a...

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Have you ever wondered why you are still alive?

Your friends and relatives, people you know, keep dying around you. They die suddenly or from a protracted illness. People you went to school with keep dying and class reunions get smaller and smaller. Friends die in automobile or airplane crashes. They die from autoimmune disease, cancers, CO VID, from many different sources. Death is...


The Question of Mary

Christian beliefs about Jesus’ mother Mary differ. I was watching an episode of The Journey Home last night. This is a program that interviews people who have converted to the Catholic faith exploring their journey. This particular program featured a former Evangelical pastor from the Holiness church. The question arose, as it usually does with...


An imaginary visit with Jesus and his parents

In the sixteenth century, Saint Ignatius of Loyola wrote out instructions for prayer based upon his own conversion experience. A contemporary of Saint Theresa of Avila and Saint John of the Cross, all spiritual giants in the Catholic Church, Saint Ignatius’ legacy to the order he founded (Jesuits), were his written instructions on prayer called...

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