Some Articles in Today’s News 3/29/2019 that Caught my Attention

A biopic of Clare Booth Luce.

I realize that most people are not gifted with genius but few in the news can compete with what this woman accomplished in her life time. She exemplified the American dream: starting with “all the cards stacked against her” she managed to “pull herself up by her bootstraps.” Where so many complain of their disadvantaged beginnings, she simply worked hard.

This is the first I have heard about the new appointment of Archbishop Gregory to the Washington DC archdiocese. Is he the right man for the job? And what does it mean “the right man for the job”?

Despite its charming flaws, Henry Morton Robinson’s The Cardinal poses compelling questions for our own time.

The scene I remember the most vividly was the priest watching his sister die during childbirth. Killing the baby to save her life was out of the question. The book is an historical insight into American Catholicism pre-World War II. Very accurate.

I wonder how many priests will attend this retreat by Fr Rosica now that he has been credibly found to have several plagiarized articles/speeches. Why is he still on EWTN?

BOOK PICK: Doors in the Walls of the World: Signs of Transcendence in the Human Story

This story has been all over Twitter. A female reporter was arrested and faced a possible 2-year jail term for misgendering a transgender person. She called him “sir.” I find it unconscionable that lawmakers make killing babies and euthanasia legal but cannot tolerate misspeaking with a transgender.

Following this story and a general public outcry, she was released and will face no jail time.

Now I know why Life Site News and Church Militant are labeled “liars.” Apparently, it is because they question what Pope Francis does. For these priests, questioning Francis is tantamount to heresy and intolerable.

Why do men have so much trouble with the asking of questions? Why do they see questions as threats or attacks? Are they that insecure?

This article caught my attention because it makes no sense to me. American bishops request funding for 2 charities that support abortion and contraception. Why?

These articles caught my attention simply because of their conflict situations. Except for Peter Kreeft’s new book. I would like to hear him debate an atheist philosopher’s latest argument that God does not exist. Besides Kreeft, I wonder if he ever read either C S Lewis or Chesterton – both of whom were devout atheists before they discovered that the arguments of atheists were illogical. Chesterton, in his book Orthodoxy, makes