Who can I Kill Today?

The rules keep changing.

When I was growing up. There were only two classes of people that could be killed legally – convicted felons on death row and enemies during a war.

Today it is very confusing. The rules keep changing.

It is now legal to kill an unborn baby but you can’t kill a baby who is one-week-old.

You can kill people who seem to be at the point of death.

You can kill people who ask you to kill them. We call it “assisted suicide.” What is confusing, however, is that we are told it is wrong to commit suicide.

And the list goes on.

Who you can kill today is just the beginning. We add certain groups of people who deserve legal death every day.

Some people enjoy killing. Aborted babies are treated like dolls by some abortion staff.

Other people are considered insane because they prefer to brutalize and kill children and adults rather than unborn children. Sometimes we put these people in prison. Sometimes we don’t. It seems to depend upon how wealthy the killer is.

The older I get, the more I wonder if some new rule by a freshman congressman will affect me more personally. Will there come a time when there will be a rule to exterminate everyone who reaches the age of eighty – because there isn’t enough money in the social security retirement system to keep paying monthly dividends?

The law of “unintended consequences” is the cause of the empty social security coffers. If we keep aborting babies at the current devastating rate, there never will be enough workers to contribute to the social security retirement system.  So those who paid into the system their entire lives will be automatically killed at age eighty because of intentional population decline.

It’s not impossible.