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Dr Atkins and the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Every five years the US Department of Agriculture publishes its dietary guidelines for Americans. The guidelines, ostensibly directed toward reducing heart disease and obesity, have had no impact on these conditions. Although Americans have been following the guidelines, according to census records, they continue to die of heart disease at an alarming rate and...

Low Carbohydrate Diet

The Atkins Diet Really Works

The Atkins Diet really Works Atkins got the idea for his diet from a man by the name of William Banting. Over one hundred years ago, William Banting struggled to lose his increasing weight.  He sought medical advice and was told to cut back on his food and exercise.  He exercised, got even hungrier, ate...


On Becoming a Successful Dieter: Suggestions on How to Lose Weight Successfully

Becoming a successful dieter does not happen overnight. It takes time, persistence, dedication, consistency, a plan of action and a firm commitment. Not everyone can be a successful dieter. Some people are successful for only the short term while others can “take it off and keep it off.” Successful dieters know there is no “quick...


Considering a Low-carb Diet?

Beginning a new diet is an adventure. Beginning anything new can be exciting and absorbing, but it does take preparation. Whether you are taking a trip, starting a new exercise program or starting a new diet, you need to learn all you can before you begin. Beginning a low-carbohydrate diet requires the same kind of...