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Front cover og Patientology

I Have a New Review on my Book “Patientology” on Amazon.

The review says: “Are some patients like victims of some crimes blamed for their illness? By an Amazon Customer on April 25, 2017 Format: Paperback A very interesting and thought provoking perspective. Provides a detailed exploration on the relationship of patients with the Health Care Delivery System from a victimology perspective. Draw parallels to identified...


The Best Book on Obedience Training for German Shepherd Dogs

The best book on obedience training for German Shepherds is out of print. Toward the PhD for Dogs:  Obedience Training from Novice to Utility. By Robert J. Martin and Napoleon A. Chagnon. Harcourt, Brace Jovanovich. 1975.) This outstanding obedience book is out of print because the second author, a cultural anthropologist, loved to write books...