Today’s Rant

Every morning, I read the front pages of some of the major news media on-line. #CNN, #FOX, #BBC, #CBS, #NBC, #ABC, #CBC, #CTV. When a headline looking interesting, I pursue it. It is harder and harder to find a piece of news sandwiched in among all the anti-Trump articles. The BBC is more likely to mention something other than #Trump.

This past week we have had major story headlines on the BBC that were not mentioned on American sources. The BBC reported a major cyber attack in the UK that shut down hospitals. American media headlined anti-Trump stories. Yet this story came on the heels of an executive order by Trump creating a new office for cyber security. Well timed, I thought. The media ignored it.

On this morning’s read, FOX, BBC, ABC and CTV have the cyber attack on their front pages, the others continue to fixate on the American political scene and anti-Trump articles.

I find the continuing bombardment of anti-Trump stories on our major news media to be intensely boring. Seemingly, these so-called news media have sent out hundreds of eager reporters to find whatever dirt they can on either Trump or his family. And if they find nothing, then think of a clever way to spin a negative out of something Trump as done that is either beneficial or innocuous.

Many of my liberal friends eat up these stories. It satisfies their need to prove that they were right not to vote for Trump.

I wonder how many of us would come out unscathed from an intense spotlight on our lives every hour of every day. How many of us have made mistakes, said the wrong things, misquoted something? I know I have. I have lost friends from something I have said. I have done things of which I am ashamed and many more of which I am not proud. Thankfully they are buried under the sands of time. If someone blew the sands away and revealed all my foibles to the world, I would die of shame. How many of us would continue in our jobs if every move we made was blocked or protested by someone? Yet this is how we treat Trump and his family. The liberal media is spending millions to seek out and publicize every blot or blemish of Trump’s personal history.

What amazes me is how little they have found.

When the media can find nothing anti-Trump to publish, they seek out opinions from famous and not so famous “experts” such as actors, professional ball players, politicians who disagree with Trump on either major or minor issues, or people in Trump’s past life that did not like what he said or did.

I wish our news media behaved more as a vehicle for sharing news and less as a gossip column. I realize negative gossip sells papers but there are media outlets for trivia and gossip. Why must the major news sources sink to such a level.

I have already written off CNN from my daily perusal for being so uniformly anti-Trump and for focusing on little else. Yet at one time, I read CNN every morning for its news coverage. I no longer watch CNN on TV for the same reason. Yet, at one time it was my major resource for news.

Worse, is the constant drip, drip, drip of repetitive negative stories. Unfortunately, most Americans have no idea that they are being influenced by propaganda and not news. Americans are frightened by what they think Trump might do while having no idea what he is doing.

A professor I know rants about Trumps travel ban (which is not in effect) that prevented a friend of his from entering the country. He should know better whose travel policies are in effect but he is so emotionally involved in the anti-Trump movement he cannot separate fact from fiction. He is not alone. Canada is now being blessed with an influx of refugees from the US who are afraid of what Trump will do to them because the media has scared them nearly to death. There are protest marches organized to protest policies Trump has not yet written. The media is teaching Americans to fear Trump. No matter what he does, he is wrong and harmful – according to the media.

Liberal Americans eat it all up. They agree without realizing just how damaging the media really is. Conservatives are bored with this constant negativity and, like me, have stopped watching TV channels and reading on-line news media because of the one-size fits all herd mentality.

I wish the left would let Trump get on with his job and the media would start reporting news again.