The Illogic of Sanctuary Cities

The Illogic of Sanctuary Cities

In the United States today, there appears to be a proliferation of “Sanctuary Cities.” Some states are declaring themselves as “Sanctuary States.” The consequence of this movement is to protect illegal immigrants, with criminal records, from being deported. The ostensible reason for this “protectionism” is to prevent parents from being separated from their children who were born in the US. As Barack Obama would say, “This is not who we are.”

This reasoning for establishing Sanctuary Cities, in my opinion, is based upon emotion rather than logic and reasoning.

In the United States today, American citizens who have been charged with a criminal act are sent to prison for indefinite periods of time. If these citizens are parents, their children are sent to foster care. There is no policy that states that parents cannot be separated from their children if they have committed a criminal act. The children of a convicted felon are not part of the prosecution’s decision making process.

If American citizens who have been charged with a criminal offense can be separated from their children, why are illegal immigrants who have been charged with a criminal offense treated differently?

Do illegal immigrants have more rights than American citizens?

Yet Sanctuary Cities protect these criminals from deportation. The consequence of this decision is that the other citizens in that city are placed at greater risk from criminal acts. Since there appears to be no discrimination on what type of crime has been committed, citizens are at risk for murder, robbery and rape by protected murderers, robbers and rapists.

There doesn’t seem to be any logic to this decision.

To my knowledge, and I could certainly be wrong, no Sanctuary City or state is Republican controlled. It appears to be a policy of Democrats to protect criminals who are illegal immigrants. The argument of not wanting to separate parents from children is emotional rather than logical. Emotion is a powerful tool in the hands of the Democrats. It works well and incites others to emotional responses.

If the sole purpose of Sanctuary Cities is to protect criminals who are illegal immigrants from deportation, then those same cities are breaking the law. They are committing a crime called “accessory after the fact” and politicians are at risk of being charged.

Why are Democrats so intent upon protecting criminals? One can only surmise that this is a vote-getting mechanism. Get people so upset that they will beg the Democrats to protect them from a fabricated evil.

The blatant use of emotional propaganda, in order to protect criminals, is a sad commentary on our political system in which it is more important to get elected than it is to serve and protect the people.