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My Predictions for America for the Next Four Years if Biden and the Democrats Win

1. Taxes will go up
2. Our religious liberties will continue to be attacked and overruled
3. Business will again outsource to other countries to evade higher taxes
4. Unemployment rate will go up especially for minorities
5. Stock market will go down
6. Biden will die in office and Kamala will become the first woman POTUS. As a result, American race relations will become even worse.
7. An increase in abortions, euthanasia, and chemical castration of 8-year-olds
8. Universal cutting of budgets for law enforcement agencies
9. Unlimited approval of all immigrants – legal or not.
10. Voting privileges for all immigrants regardless of citizenship
11. Proof of identity not required for voting or driving
12. Transgender rights will prevail over women’s rights to privacy and unisex sports
13. Possibility that Social Security funds will be used to fund other projects
14. Cost of gas will skyrocket as alternative forms of fuel will be promoted instead of fossil fuel. Thus, ending thousands of jobs in the oil and coal industries
15. New taxes will be created for gas/diesel driven vehicles.
16. Support for the military will decline
17. Forests will be cut down to make way for wind farms – thus killing migrating birds by the thousands (who keep our bug population down) and decimating our needed population of trees that keep our air clean.

We will see Kamala Harris’s face on many women’s magazines (We never saw Melania Trump on the cover of a woman’s magazine)

Who will be strong enough to broker middle east peace treaties?

These predictions are based upon news reports, Liberal policy statements and candidate’s statements. They are also based upon my belief that liberals will be rescinding all the changes made by the Trump administration.

Practically speaking, they are simply the result of putting liberal ideals into practice.

“Biden pledged during his campaign to roll back bans on foreign aid to groups promoting or performing abortions, and to rescind religious liberty protections enjoyed by groups who object to the federal contraceptive insurance mandate— both things that can be done by executive order. But the Biden campaign also pledged to enshrine abortion protections into federal law and to pass far-reaching gender identity protections into law — those measures will be unlikely to be enacted if Republicans control the Senate.”

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