Illustrations that Never Made it into the Book

There was no way any of these pictures could have been included in the book, although I wish they could have been.

When we went to Montalongon, we took the Mullaney’s with us. This picture of the four of us children was sent to me by Dorothy Mulaney in 2017. Left to right: Bill, Dorothy, Eddie, Pam, Bob. Although Eddie was the oldest and Bob the youngest of the boys, they were all the same size.


Both Bob and I spent time in the hospital at Santo Tomas. This is one of the wards.

52395797 Interior of hospital at Santo Tomas

Somehow Dad managed to get us a nipa hut where we could meet as a family and have some privacy. This picture is taken from the back of the main building in Santo Tomas where we had our hut.

300px-Shanties,_STIC free

There aren’t many pictures from Los Banos. This is a shot of our barracks taken from a plane flying over the camp. The smoke is from burning barracks. It was the only way the Army could get many people to move out quickly.

Baracks on fire

This is a shot of amtracks crossing and landing at Laguna de Bay filled with ex-POWs.

images Amtrack crossing Laguna de Bay

Transfer from amtracks to trucks for transport to New Bilibid

Once we were safely in New Bilibid, offloaded from the trucks, and registered, we got in line for soup. When we finished the soup, we got in line to wash our utensils so we could get back in the soup line.

Standing in line for soup at New Bilibid

All of these pictures are available on the internet, along with many others.